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International Academy For Dog Trainers And Behaviourists

IADTB is a leading service provider for dog trainer, dog training instructor and dog behaviourist qualifications at intermediate and advanced level that include practical days and assessments with lots of hands-on experience.

We also have courses in advanced canine aggression as well as K9 first aider and BTEC Level 3 handcuff courses among others.

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But where we're different is we offer a full hand's on experience like no other.

IADBT students going for their advanced level 3 dog training instructors qualification can instruct handlers in dog training classes as well as putting into practice the roles of the instructor at our dedicated training centre based in the heart of the beautiful Kent countryside over a 3 day practical learning period.

The students on our Level 4 Behaviourist courses get to carry out mock consultations and real life assessments, create behaviour modification and training programs using counter-conditioning, desensitisation, response substitution and shaping over the practical 3 days training.

Crucially, all IADTB work is underpinned by our highly qualified, dedicated and innovative staff, who are all committed to supporting you through your dog training career.

With over 20 years of delivering high quality training programmes, our instructors and examiners are some of the most accredited and experienced professionals in the industry.

All our students will be tutored by some of the most experienced and accredited dog training instructors in the UK with a commitment we will continue to support you throughout your dog training career.

Click below for the training course's page.

IADTB has 2 different levels of Dog Trainer courses available as well as a Level 3 Advanced Dog Training Instructor course, Level 4 Behaviourist and a IADTB Directors course.

The International Academy for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists will also be offering other courses such as Intermediate and Advanced Dog Behaviourist courses in the near future.

This is an intensive in-depth course designed to push your theory and practical knowledge to the very limit, to make you the very best trainer/instructor you can be, all under the guidance of highly accredited instructor's.

Our intensive and in-depth dog trainer and dog training instructor courses are designed to push your theory and practical knowledge to the limit and challenge you to become an excellent trainer or instructor, all under the guidance of highly accredited instructors.

Our courses are suitable for professional dog trainers, veterinary assistants, dog walkers, dog groomers, dog physiotherapists and general dog owners that want to gain a better understanding of dog training and have the opportunity to work closely with accredited trainers.

Once IADTB students have completed their qualifications, we will enter you on to our database as a preferred and competent dog trainer or dog training instructors and forward your details on to prospective clients.

IADTB level 2 Dog Training Instructor's can progress on to complete the 1 day IADBT course director's course which will allow you to deliver IADTB course's to your client's provided you meet the required criteria.

All the practical training is done at our training centre based in the beautiful Kent countryside.

(Online theory is done at home at your own pace as well as on the IADTB online learning platform)

Our students will cover everything from (Dependent on the course taken).

  • Legal and Moral Responsibilities (Trainer And Instructor).
  • Animal care and welfare.
  • Setting up the training session (Indoor vs Outdoor)
  • Lesson Plans.
  • Dog behaviour.
  • Psychology and Breed Specific Behaviour's.
  • Understand the various terminology used in dog Training (Quadrants of Operant Conditioning).
  • Training techniques (Trainer vs Instructor).
  • Specific Breed Character Traits.
  • Various Drives in Dogs (Breed Specific).
  • BARC Behaviour and Reactivity Checklists
  • Associative Learning (Human & Canine)
  • Legislation.
  • How To Put Together Professional consultations.
  • Understand how Harvard Referencing can improve your reports.
  • Understanding how to advise client's on which breed to choose (Lifestyle vs Reality)
  • Breed Management
  • Social Media Presence
  • Personal Safety (Trainer/Instructor/Client/Members of the public).
  • Temperament Assessment.
  • Report Writing and presentation.
  • Creating Video (Training/Assessment's/Promotion).
  • Building Your Business through referral and networking.
  • How to understand Chaining and Implement it into your training class.
  • Role of the Dog Trainer vs Instructor.
  • Record Keeping (Accidents/Injuries/Clients).
  • Understand Clicker Training (When to use it in your classes).
  • And much much more 

You can apply from anywhere in the world to gain your:

* lADTB Level 1 Intermediate Dog Trainer.

* lADTB Level 2 Advanced Dog Trainer.

* IADTB Level 3 Dog Training Instructor.

* IADTB Level 4 Behaviourist

* IADTB Course Director.

All the theory-based part of the course is completed online where you will be enrolled on to our digital learning platform.

When you enrol onto one of our courses you will receive a unique IADTB code that allows you access to your training class on our virtual learning platform.

Her students can upload completed coursework and interact in the virtual classroom with your IADTB instructor.

We also have the option of doing remote practical training sessions with the learner, this is where we can set up a remote observation link with you and your IADTB trainer/assessor for your practical work (suitable for students outside of the UK).

Our courses are currently going through the CPD accreditation so you know our courses will count towards your further studies.

Accredited CPD training means the learning activity has reached the required Continuing Professional Development standards and benchmarks. The learning value has been scrutinised to ensure integrity and quality. The CPD Certification Service provides recognised independent CPD accreditation compatible with global CPD requirements